City Code Enforcement Information

As a Woodcreek homeowner, you are probably concerned with the safety and aesthetics of your home and neighborhood. In order to keep our neighborhood healthy and beautiful, your cooperation is needed to uphold standards of living as stated by Norman city codes and ordinances. Please use the information on this page as a guide for assisting the City of Norman in their efforts to keep Norman a pleasant place to live.

Common Code Complaints

HealthItems outside, not intended for outdoor storage, i.e. indoor furniture, appliances, cloth, cardboard plus junk, limbs, boards and stagnant water.
WeedsGrass/weeds over 12" high.
Inoperable VehiclesVehicles that do not run, including those with flat tires or out-of-date tags.
Off-street ParkingNo vehicle parking is allowed in yards. Parking should be on improved surfaces designated for that purpose. Parking across sidewalks is prohibited.
Substandard HousingInadequate and/or deteriorated living facilities.
Unsecured StructureVacant building that is open.
DogsA maximum of two (2) adult dogs is allowed per location.
PolycartsNeed to be placed within 7' of the curb not later than 7:30am and moved house side by the end of the day of service.

Problems and Concerns

Woodcreek Issues

If you have a complaint about a "party house" in your neighborhood, please call the police's non-emergency hotline at 405-321-1444, and be sure to sign a complaint about the home or the problem ultimately may not be addressed. If the house is a rental house, please contact a Woodcreek HOA representative to obtain the homeowner's contact information. Often speaking with the home owner can help the situation.

City Issues

Action Center - The Action Center serves as a central point of contact for citizens when they have a challenge that can be addressed by municipal government.

Action Center Online Form

More Action Center Information

General Information

405-366-5389 FAX
PO Box 370, Norman, OK 73070

Non-Emergency Police


Utility Billing/Customer Service


In case of emergency that involves water or sewer call:

Line Maintenance Division:
405-329-0703 Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm.
405-321-1600 - After hours and weekends, follow the automated menu to Police Dispatch.

Electrical or Street Light Issues

Contact OG&E Customer Service from 8:00am to 5:00pm weekdays at 405-272-9741