Clubhouse Renting

HOMEOWNERS: You MUST be the homeowner in good standing (i.e., you have currently paid all of your HoA dues), in order to rent the clubhouse, located at 1625 Woodcreek Ct.

NON-HOMEOWNERS/RENTERS: If you are a non-homeowner (renter), you can rent the clubhouse with your homeowner's permission (if the homeowner is in good standing) along with the homeowners signature on the rental agreement (see below). The homeowner will also need to contact to confirm the requested date by his/her renter. The homeowner can have the renter write a check for $150 to be held as a deposit during the rental, but the homeowner is STILL RESPONSIBLE for the condition of the clubhouse after the use of his/her renter.

DIRECTIONS: To rent the clubhouse, first check the clubhouse calendar below for available dates, then contact the clubhouse agent (via e-mail) a minimum of 10 DAYS before the requested date. PLEASE NOTICE: Each rental agreement is for a 48 hour (2 dates) rental from the initial date it has been reserved. This a Date to Date reservation, not 48 hours across more than 2 dates. Some renters may use the entire 48 hours, some may not, so please ask about this if the date you are requesting comes after a date that is already reserved. YOUR REQUESTED DATE MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE!

E-MAIL CONFIRMATION: Clubhouse rental requests are only accepted via e-mail at Please include: the homeowner's full name, address, phone number, and date or dates requested. The agent will then contact you by e-mail to confirm the dates the renter has requested. If that date is more than a week in the future, then it is the renter’s responsibility to communicate with the volunteer(s) during the week of the rental to re-confirm that the clubhouse will be rented – including an agreed time/date for the first walk through. If this information is not received Monday through Friday (emails are not checked Saturday or Sunday unless prior plans have already been made) the week of the rental, then the rental will be considered forfeited by the renter.

Once the date is confirmed, download the Rental Agreement, print it out, read through it, fill it out, and meet the volunteer at the clubhouse on the agreed upon rental date.

WALK-THROUGHS: You will complete a walk-through of the clubhouse BEFORE and AFTER your use of it to assess its condition each time. Please have the Clubhouse Rental Agreement and a security deposit (check or money order made out to Woodcreek HOA) for $150.00 ready at the time you both meet. Your deposit will be returned to you in full if the clubhouse does not have any damage or missing property after the renter's use.

TRASH: All homeowners and/or renters who use the clubhouse are responsible for making sure that the clubhouse trash/recycle bins are placed curbside on the following Thursday evening after their rental for trash/recycle collection on Friday, and they are also responsible for returning the all of the bins back to the clubhouse by Saturday by 12pm.

HOLIDAYS: The Homeowners Association will not be renting the day before, the day of, or the day after any major holidays. These holidays include: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, MLK Day, Easter, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July (these days are typically those that are busier for the community or where work is closed).

The HOA Officers or Board may also suspend renting/use of the clubhouse at anytime for repairs, lack of HOA rental agent volunteers, or for any other reason deemed valid by the HOA Board. Thank you!



The Woodcreek Clubhouse has a full kitchen, with stove top, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. There is also two bathrooms and a fenced in backyard. The following item are supplied: